Positive Signs – transforming an eyesore into a work of art.



Positive Signs Mosaics info@positivesignsmosaics.co.uk frangodwin@yahoo.co.uk/ 07939 368691

Positive Signs Mosaics is a small social enterprise based in Leamington Spa

After two years of making mosaics at out local community centre we are now looking for public art projects and commissions to make mosaics to uplift and regenerate the community.

* Positive Signs supports people with long-term health issues to make mosaic in a social setting.

* Positive Signs carries out public art projects.

Here’s a story from The Courier earlier this year.

The Stoneleigh Arms in Clemens Street was a bit of an eyesore, having been closed and boarded up since the 1990’s, but has been transformed with the help of a group known as Positive Signs. They are a mosaic workshop group, and the work was commissioned by the Mary Portas funded Leamington Old Town Team and paid for in part by them and the Big Lottery.

The group had been meeting at the Sydni Centre in Sydenham on Tuesday afternoons for the past 2 years, under the guidance of artists, Fran Godwin and Sonio Kwasnik.

The Positive Signs group can be contacted by email.


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