Packington Place – before and after pictures!

An amazing transformation has taken place in Packington Place, instigated and overseen by ARC (Achieving Results in Communities). This little pocket park has seen such a transformation, that the Leamington In Bloom team will be bringing the RHS judges to see it all on 8th July.

Here’s a little photographic history of the space.

It was only a few months ago, that Packington Place – although looked after by a local gardening group – looked like this. (below: Gals looked after this space for over 8 years. They managed to keep the bed reasonably tidy by litter picking, and planted from time to time to add a bit of spring and summer colour).


However, the space was not really used to the greatest advantage, and had a post box, telephone box, litter bins, and later on, a collection of recycling bins which dominated the space.  These were removed eventually, but here’s the space before ARC became involved.


Work began to clear the planting – saving some of the better plants for the new beds.


The old beds were removed completely, and below you can see the beginning of construction of the 3 new beds.



Mosaic workshops were held in the town and everyone was welcome to join in. Here’s a group hard at work making the small tiles which now decorate the tops of the raised beds.


(below) The mosaics were put into place.


(below) Rescued plants were rehomed, and new ones put in.


And here’s the completed pocket park now. What a transformation! The plants will need to be watered, and a group set up to oversee it’s care, but congratulations to everyone involved – it looks amazing!


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