The Open Spaces Group


There is a small informal and open group of local residents, councillors, and others who meet regularly, and who care about their local neighbourhood, and want to draw attention to it’s appearance, history and future.

The group meets on the first Friday of the month in the All Saints Parish Church cafe at 11 am. You’d be most welcome to join them!

If you’d like to just know more first, here’s  a short explanation of what they hope to achieve and why. Just get in touch direct, or by leaving a comment here.


 South Leamington Open Spaces Group Terms of Reference February 2016

  1. Who the group is and what it has been set up to do:

An informal and open group of local residents, councillors, officers and other community representatives who meet regularly
‘to enhance the local environment and quality of life by monitoring the appearance, accessibility and cleanliness of open spaces in the Old Town and working with other individuals, organisations and local authorities for positive change’.
We are a group of people who have come together because we care about our local neighbourhood, wish to enhance its appearance, and to recognise the importance of its history and its future.


  1. What are the key issues and what’s going to be done to address each of them

Maps & Guides  – work with other stakeholder groups eg Local Authorities, History Group
Walks & Trails – work with other stakeholder groups eg Local Authorities, History Group
Green Spaces – eg Pocket Parks, Church yard – various sub groups and projects already happening
Buildings & Street scene – regular clean ups/work with volunteers, local businesses and landlords
Canal area – regular clean ups organised by Canal & River Trust (CaRT) and Inland Waterways Association (IWA)


  1. How we will make a difference

Improve the quality of existing spaces and opening up new ones
Liaise with Local Authorities and other groups
Work with residents/businesses/volunteers
Deliver hands on practical improvements – eg clean ups
Fundraise for specific projects/improvements
Networking/Sharing ideas/projects


  1. How we work as a group

Regular meetings, and informal contact – currently chaired & minuted by Kristie Naimo / Ann Morrison.
Working Groups to progress specific projects/issues – some outlined in point 2 above


  1. How we work with others

Regular contact with other stakeholder groups such as Leamington Old Town Team, BID Leamington, Warwick District Council, Warwickshire County Council, Town Council, Students, South Leamington Community Forum, Canal and River Trust, History Society, Local businesses, Friends of groups and residents associations

Read the latest minutes here:

(below Packington Place Pocket Park)






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