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Foundry Wood is an urban community woodland in the heart of Leamington Spa and Warwick and today they begin a campaign to “Grow Your Tenner”.

“The Friends of Foundry Wood manage Foundry Wood community woodland to create a unique and enjoyable experience for visitors. The woodland is located on Princes Drive opposite the tip. We create opportunities for local people to learn about woodland habitats, wildlife conservation, traditional woodland crafts, and broader environmental issues. The woodland is open every day and is free to visit. However, there are costs to running the woodland. Please donate or set up a direct debit if you can.”

From their newsletter:

Donate to this year’s Grow Your Tenner campaign

Support Foundry Wood – campaign launches TODAY

  • Set up a monthly direct debit of up to £10 a month


  • Make a single donation of up to £10

Donate via our Local Giving site:

Foundry Wood is run by a group of great volunteers: the Friends of Foundry Wood. But there are several costs to running the wood, such as insurance, safety inspections, the water bill, and refreshments at events. We also co-fund some projects like the new play area.

Your donation will directly contribute to these important running costs.

DO:  Make your donation, or set up your direct debit as soon as possible after 10am on Tuesday 18th October (these funds do run out!)

DO: Consider setting up a direct debit. Even a small amount of £2 or £3 per month is more valuable to us in the long run as we can count on a regular income.

DON’T: make a single donation over £10 as it won’t be doubled

If you’ve enjoyed your visits to Foundry Wood, please donate to help us to maintain the woodland, and expand the activities for our local community.

Grow Your Tenner is an annual, national, match fund campaign run by Local Giving ( who host the Friends of Foundry Wood’s fundraising website.

  • Your one-off donation of up to £10 will be doubled
  • Your monthly direct debit of up to £10 per month will be doubled in each of the next three months.

DONATE, from 10am on Tuesday 18th October, at

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