Incredible Edible – The Convenience Food Garden

Incredible Edible gardens began in Todmorden in West Yorkshire some years ago and have now spread around the world. The basic idea is simple. Members of the community grow vegetables and fruit, usually from donated seeds or stock, on otherwise unworked public land such as verges and traffic islands and the produce is freely available for the passing public to harvest. But what is the philosophy behind the movement? It is essentially a mission to spread the message that true sustainability depends on individual communities working together to grow food locally. It is strongly educational in its drive to make the general public more aware of the need for local resilience in the face of rising food prices and the global impact of the carbon cost of imported food. Surprisingly, the produce is not all picked at once by unscrupulous market traders in the dead of night. Everyone who helps themselves seems to appreciate the importance of the altruistic spirit of the growers and are more likely to pass on the message.

In Leamington, Incredible Edible gardens have sprung up outside the public toilets in Holly Walk (hence the “Convenience Food Garden”), in Charles Gardner Road, Christine Ledger Square, and North Villiers St. with many more planned. The SPARKS – Incredible Edible group have their own Committee ably led by Derrick Knight and enthusiastically supported by Councillor Janet Alty, Penny Wright and a dozen or so volunteers. Visit them on Facebook: search for “Leamington-Spa-Incredible-Edible” or join them at their weekly coffee morning, Tuesday 10.30 to noon at the Coffee Bean cafe in Regent Grove.

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  1. We like to call it the ‘Conveniece Food Garden’.
    Much more in keeping with Royal Leamington Spa 🙂

    Leamington Spa Incredible Edible

    • Thank you Derek, I’ll see that it’s altered. The Bog Garden came from those days at the beginning and Gill suggested the title! Best wishes and it’s looking really good!

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