Falcons in the Town Hall

The falcon eggs have hatched!

The four peregrine falcon eggs in the tower of Leamington Town Hall have now hatched. The fluffy white chicks are still snuggling up close to their mother’s breast but now and again she leaves the nest and catches a pigeon or a vole. Two of the chicks already appear to be more assertive than the other two and are getting more of the food. The male is slightly smaller than the female but he brings his own catch in to join his family.

You can just make out the chicks in the picture above.

Feeding time.


The live video from the “Falcon Cam” can be seen here: https://open.ivideon.com/embed/v2/?server=100-fDIotrhzaPnBioLsZrUoEn&camera=65536&width=1280&height=720&lang=en&ap=&fs=&noibw=

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