Garway Close Woodland Area

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May 2015

Garway Close

Image (6)-001Garway Close is a small road in the area between Lillington Road and Kenilworth Road, south of North Leam school.

It’s mostly woodland with some grass which is looked after by Warwick District Council.  Residents and Cllr Peter Bailey have been working with Jonathan Huxley (WDC) to help tidy-up and maintain the land at the end of Garway Close and Belmost Drive.

10 local residents met up in March to discuss the possible improvements with Jonathan Huxley, and decided they would like to plant some bulbs, as well as add bird nesting boxes to the surrounding trees.

Bulbs and whips will need to go in during the autumn, but in the meantime, two residents have exposed the edging stones along Belmont Drive between the pavement and the grassed area, and there are plans to clear the larger areas of brambles etc around the perimeter edges.

Many residents have agreed to make an initial payment of £5 towards bulbs and bird boxes, and the Neighbourhood Watch local funds are being approached.  Leamington Town Council are also keen to support initiatives like this through The Community Grant scheme.

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P1050253The hazel, dogwood and snowberry whips together with three honeysuckle plants have all been planted at the spinney.

They have been well watered – a volunteer who lives directly opposite the spinney has an outside tap and will make sure the plants don’t dry out, and checks are ongoing to see if mulch for the new planting is available.

P1050255Six volunteers were present on the day and the residents are very with what has been done, and especially liked the bird boxes.

Snowdrops will be planted ‘in green’ later, as that’s the best way to ensure their survival.




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