The hanging baskets in Leamington Spa are paid for each year by the town’s local tradespeople, via BID, and provide the most wonderful splash of colour outside shops, alongside the shopping arcades and the roads. They are chosen each year by BID or Warwick District Council officers, and are always different.

This year’s baskets were slightly controversial and opinion was divided over the bright yellow colour of some of the flowers. There were other plants in the baskets too of course, but they weren’t as strong growing as the yellow ones, which overwhelmed them slightly!



Here’s some images of previous years. The following 2 images are courtesy of Bagington Nurseries




The baskets currently cost about £160 each and this includes the planting and a charge continuous watering over the summer period, together with other services such as testing the brackets. With 150 baskets around the town you can see that this adds up to a substantial amount – approx £24,000. Thank you BID!!

The plants are generally chosen for their WOW factor, and red and pinks look especially nice against the mostly white buildings on the Parade.

The Town Hall this summer 2015 (photo courtesy of Annabel Rainbow)


Previous year’s baskets


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