Victoria Park links with the Pump Room Gardens via the Riverside Walk and York Walk.  It’s a beautiful open green space alongside the river with tennis courts, cricket pitch, bowling greens and childrens’ play area.  The path that runs around the park has been measured at exactly half a mile, so it very useful for staging cycle races, and running/walking competitions.

It was opened to mark Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1899 as part of the Corporation’s plan to provide more recreation space for the growing town, especially its children.  During the Victorian age it was used as Leamington’s village green, the venue for galas, military parades, flower shows, circuses and cricket.

Victoria Park has hosted many events, notably the Royal Show, festivities for the coronation of King George VI and, in 1996, Women’s World Bowls, which honoured Leamington by returning in 2004.

It’s main event today is the annual Bowls Championships – both the National and World Womens’ events have been held on the greens.

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