IMG_1527-001The Parade


IMG_1525Yellow Sisyrinchium in front of the War Memorial

IMG_1523Sustainable planting on the Parade

IMG_1529More sustainable planting in the new beds outside the Town Hall

IMG_1506Project Sunflower in the Jephson Gardens

IMG_1511Your author’s personal favourites for this year are the new fruit and veg beds in the Sensory Garden, within the Jephson Gardens.



IMG_1508Chard and raspberries

IMG_1509Runner beans

IMG_1498More traditional bedding in the Pump Room Gardens

IMG_1503This year’s bedding in the Jephson Gardens is a riot of yellows, orange and red.

IMG_1518The cool greens of the shrub planting round the lake look lovely in the July sunshine.




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